• Our Group is a leader in the production and sale of superior porcelain stoneware and technical ceramic tiles for floors and walls.
    To maintain and reinforce this primacy, we have chosen the most difficult route of innovation in products and processes, seeking to faithfully interpret new building sensitivities.

    For over ten years, we focused our research efforts on eco-compatibility and on eco-sustainability, in other words on the great challenges involving the world of quality architecture.
    This means: the EMAS production process certification; the ANAB certification of many of our materials; the membership to the USGBC, the BUREAU VERITAS recycled material content certifications.
    But we've gone even further. In our laboratories we have set up a product that can actively interact with the environment, reducing atmospheric pollution and eliminating some of the most dangerous bacterial strains for human health (patent pending: PCT/IB 2009/006002).
    This revolutionary material, we have called ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™.
Fiandre Architectural Surfaces