• A proper installation of the product you have chosen for your floor defines the final result
    1. Check that the bed is perfectly level and completely dry and smooth.
    2. Use a cleaning device, such a vacuum, to carefully remove dust and residues.
    3. After choosing a suitable thin set mortar, prepare it according to the manufacturer's instructions and spread it with a smooth spatula. Then comb it with the tooth part.
    Savoia strongly suggests the use of a polymer modified thin set mortar. Polymer modified thin set mortar will increase the lifetime of your installation. For heavy traffic, a double layer of thin set mortar is recommended.
    4. Wet the back of the tile with the thin-set mortar. This procedure prevents the possible creation of holes that could cause breakage.

    After approximately 24-48 hours, it is safe to proceed to grout. The floor must be cleaned carefully and then grouted all over its surface using a rubber spatula. It is advisable to use colors similar to the tile, in order to obtain a harmonious end result.
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Fiandre Architectural Surfaces
Fiandre Architectural Surfaces